How far in advance should I place my order? 

For standard cakes you should call within one week of your celebration. Specialty cakes need a two week advance notice or longer. Try to call as soon as possible because weekends fill up fast!!

How do I keep my cake fresh?

In order to maintain quality, it's best to consume the cake the day you purchase it. Otherwise, cover it tightly with saran wrap and store it in the fridge.

How large of a cake should I order?

Check out the 'Servings' tab to see the recommended serving sizes for each cake. These are fairly accurate but you are more than welcome to order a bigger size if you want to have extra!

Do you deliver?

Yes, I do deliver up to 2 hours away. Yes, there is a delivery fee based on mileage. 

What's the minimum order for cupcakes?

1 dozen is the minimum amount of cupcakes you can order. If you would like to order 2+ flavors, you must order one dozen of each. 

Do you have a store front?

No, at the moment I do not have a store front. All orders must be placed in advance to ensure you are able to get the product on time.